Hey guys, back from Mizuumi-con and we feel great!...Because well, we ran into some car trouble along the way! 

Missy and Ian we're able to leave earlier for the con than Dayved and Sydney.

We took many picturs of all the booths and festivities! Everyone danced and sang in the courtyard so joyously! It was wonderful!

Ian was...MANdoka, a manly version of Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And we proceeded to take wonderful pictures of him flexing next to all the pretty Madoka cosplayers we could find! Hah! They're so pleasant to look at!

Missy got some great photos of her Haruhi Suzumiya bunny suit cosplay (remake) with PRO Photography. Those'll be posted the moment we receive them!

Meanwhile, Sydney and Dayved were trying their darndist to make it to the con with some other friends in the back seat but sadly, they got a blown tire!

Some rather burly men came along to rescue the team. It was a tough job! We learned that Dayved's van is much different than ordinary vans! Even the large men were confused on it. But in the end they made it out alive, and...Drove to the convention on a donut tire!

Dig Ital Outburst was hosting all the festivities including the cosplay show! Ian took pictures while Missy waited for the rest of the team to arrive from their unpleasant detour. We were so happy they arrived safely! 

We all finished up the night with an awesome homestuck photoshoot and Karaoke! Gotta love the karaoke!

Hope you all had fun! I know it was a ride for us!

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