First Con of the year was the wonderful GATO con! not to mention snagging the first update on our freshly overhauled website!

Gatocon was very much fun! Everyone is always so friendly and kind to us and it just feels like one super huge family!

We got our own table. So thanks to everyone who bought something or picked up our card or just plain looked at our stuff! Your support is very much appreciated! So many raffle winners walked away with so much table swag! manga, dvds wall scrolls!  

Dig Ital Outburst was there, creating the entertainment and running the cosplay show. 
They appointed a few judges from various groups that specialize in cosplay art and we were one of them! Some tough competitors were in it. But I believe we picked the right candidates to win their prizes :)! 

The Vegeta (DBZ) cosplayer stole my heart with his scouter made out of a Listerine bottle and the way he ripped off his armor on stage and screamed to the heavens, sigh...*melt*. So I picked him to receive our cosPOPproductions judge's award.

After the masquerade show, everyone hung out, chilled and ate some warm food as they got all prettied up for the rave later that night. What a nice ending to a wonderful con day!

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