Hey everyone! We're back from A-Kon! I think I can say we all had a wonderful time!

A-Kon is a huge convention so of course there was going to be a huge lines everywhere for everything! 

We drove up to the Dallas Thursday. The drive was a whole 8 hours long! We arrived around 10:30 and all crashed out after watching some Adventure Time of course! 

We woke pretty early and arrived to the convention around 8-ish which is right before the lines got HUGE thank goodness!

Ian was in his MANdoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica). He was just so precious. 
We got our badges by about 10 or so. We then wondered around the artist ally and purchased some artist swag. (Persona 4 WHATWHAT)

Missy got a photoshoot with PRO Photography (Pete R. Ortega) in her Excel (Excel Saga) cosplay. She was a Sci-Fi princess C:. 

We visited the dealer room and got our window shop on!

We headed back that night and went ice skating and with our friend Ellenor and her hotel roommates Chris, Sonya, Q.T. and Sharon...(and one other whos name escapes me). It was really magical!

We woke up early Saturday and commenced the day! Lines were longer than usual! We almost missed the cosplay show! Thankfully Ian lined up for us while we were getting our photoshoots wrapped up. 

Sydney and I were Wedding day versions of Super Mario and Princess Peach! We got great shots with Pete R. Ortega! I'm stoked to show them to you guys! 

All the contestants during the cosplay show were so amazing and dramatic! Shout out to the Persona 4 skit! You touched our hearts and we're so glad that you got an award and recognition for your awesomely touching skit!

When leaving the convention for the day It started raining "FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER" it rained at A-Kon! and we ran across the parking lot to make it to our near by hotel. But sadly one of Ian's MANdoka Pigtails had slipped off in the rain, no where to be found! Now it is lost forever. (it's okay, new wigs were ordered c:) 

After the show we headed out to eat. In-and-Out is not as great as some portray (or at least the one we went to! The fries were old and dry!) 

After consuming food we all went to hang with Sharon in her room and chat and chill c: Much better than the rave o.o! Their basic track was that fast music that plays when the powerpuff girls are flying really quickly. LAME.

We decided to extend our stay so we could all go to the Fort Worth Zoo that Monday! So we woke up with ease. Rolled out of bed and spent the rest of our convention time basking in the wonderful warm sun and doing cartwheels and handstands at eachother! 
We had lunch with Q.T. and Dagger. New friends whom we're very happy to have met! 

We went to the dealer hall when we could and wrangled all the swag we could! 

We left the convention with very satisfied smiles. I think we could all say we had a good amount of fun! I loved meeting new people and getting to know old friends better! See you guys at the next con!

PS. In our Blog section on our page we'll soon post our adventures with Cassib, Ellenor and Joey at the Zoo and when they came down to Corpus to Visit!

I missed the last A-Kon. Cannot wait til it comes around again.

07/13/2013 12:03am

Don't you dare miss A-Kon again! We'll see you there next year for sure!


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