Hey guy's were all back from San Japan! Can I get a WHAT WHAT!?

All of us agree that that was a really fun convention! 
Most all of us had gold passes and plan to get them again on November 15th when they go on sale for San Japan 7!

First day of the con the most of us went down to the con comfortably thanks to early gold pass pick up and we were all so cute! Sydney and Dayved pairing off as Princess bubble gum and Marceline. Dayved made one heck of a woman if I do say so myself! On that note, Ian on the other hand...Missy and Ian both cosplayed as Madoka Magica! It was like wearing the same dress to prom! YIKES! and SPEAKING OF wearing the same dress to prom--Cassidy and her boyfriend Joey cosplayed as the boys' night out versions of Prince gumball and Marshall Lee! It was a funny coincidence. We all had a great time that day! We watched Ellenor work it in the Lolita Fashion Show! And hung out at the pool after the day was nearing it's end. A few headed back to their rooms while the rest of us had a fun time in the Karaoke room! Ian and his sister sang their hearts out. 

Saturday was a doozy! Well all got into our cosplays. Ian as his famed Madoka, Sydney and Dayved cosplaying the male and female lead from an anime this season called Blood Lad (recommended!) And Missy as Nia from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with our friends Ellenor, Cassidy, Joey and Dobbins. Everyone ran their own directions for the most part. Until the cosplay show where our Gurren Lagann group lined up for their walk-on and the others lined up in the gold pass line to get the best seats to see them!

As we walked on stage my ears deafened as they normally do. Pose number one. Hold for 5 seconds or so...Hand this flag to him, Sit down in her lap. Don't pull the jacket off her chest. Hug her because this is a really big moment for us...Pose number 3. Hold for a few seconds and... "ROW! ROW! FIGHT THE POWAH!" Smile and walk of stage. Golly what a rush for all of us that was! It was like the crowd was shouting it before us! 

We all sat down and watched the show. During half time a woman came on and sang! She was really great! We all went up and danced to her songs! It was so much fun! And HOMGSH LITTLE SAKURA WAS SO CUTE! You guys have to agree! 

We stayed for the awards ceremony to congratulate the winners. We didn't expect it but the judge who judged our costumes called our names out for NOVICE CRAFTSMANSHIP! We all stood up and screamed! We were incredibly happy! Ian screamed the loudest and longest I don't think he cared who heard or rather I think he wanted everyone to know how happy he was!  We ran upstage and thanked and hugged the judges! We couldn't contain ourselves. Cassidy and Missy both cried they were so proud. 

They had a mini photoshoot afterwards with our favorite photographer Pete R. Ortega. We'll post those when they get back to us C:. 
We celebrated and partied the night away, went to the rave and karaoke and had a blast at both of those! 

That morning we all had stuff to do it was so busy! We went and got into the dealer room early, checked out of our hotel, went to the VIP brunch and ate with Karen Strassman who voiced in many things such as Lucky Star, Tales of Symphonia, ALL of the Persona games and so much more! We then went to watch the World Cosplay Summit qualifiers and during the autograph session many famous people wore our DBZ power scanners and we got them signed by the voice of Piccolo! PINCH ME GYAH!

Afterwards we had a final group dinner to say goodbye to our friends who had to venture home. 

Over all this convention was FREAKIN' SWEET! All of us enjoyed it thoroughly! Hope you guys had fun too! Cya at the next one!

Hey everyone! We're back from A-Kon! I think I can say we all had a wonderful time!

A-Kon is a huge convention so of course there was going to be a huge lines everywhere for everything! 

We drove up to the Dallas Thursday. The drive was a whole 8 hours long! We arrived around 10:30 and all crashed out after watching some Adventure Time of course! 

We woke pretty early and arrived to the convention around 8-ish which is right before the lines got HUGE thank goodness!

Ian was in his MANdoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica). He was just so precious. 
We got our badges by about 10 or so. We then wondered around the artist ally and purchased some artist swag. (Persona 4 WHATWHAT)

Missy got a photoshoot with PRO Photography (Pete R. Ortega) in her Excel (Excel Saga) cosplay. She was a Sci-Fi princess C:. 

We visited the dealer room and got our window shop on!

We headed back that night and went ice skating and with our friend Ellenor and her hotel roommates Chris, Sonya, Q.T. and Sharon...(and one other whos name escapes me). It was really magical!

We woke up early Saturday and commenced the day! Lines were longer than usual! We almost missed the cosplay show! Thankfully Ian lined up for us while we were getting our photoshoots wrapped up. 

Sydney and I were Wedding day versions of Super Mario and Princess Peach! We got great shots with Pete R. Ortega! I'm stoked to show them to you guys! 

All the contestants during the cosplay show were so amazing and dramatic! Shout out to the Persona 4 skit! You touched our hearts and we're so glad that you got an award and recognition for your awesomely touching skit!

When leaving the convention for the day It started raining "FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER" it rained at A-Kon! and we ran across the parking lot to make it to our near by hotel. But sadly one of Ian's MANdoka Pigtails had slipped off in the rain, no where to be found! Now it is lost forever. (it's okay, new wigs were ordered c:) 

After the show we headed out to eat. In-and-Out is not as great as some portray (or at least the one we went to! The fries were old and dry!) 

After consuming food we all went to hang with Sharon in her room and chat and chill c: Much better than the rave o.o! Their basic track was that fast music that plays when the powerpuff girls are flying really quickly. LAME.

We decided to extend our stay so we could all go to the Fort Worth Zoo that Monday! So we woke up with ease. Rolled out of bed and spent the rest of our convention time basking in the wonderful warm sun and doing cartwheels and handstands at eachother! 
We had lunch with Q.T. and Dagger. New friends whom we're very happy to have met! 

We went to the dealer hall when we could and wrangled all the swag we could! 

We left the convention with very satisfied smiles. I think we could all say we had a good amount of fun! I loved meeting new people and getting to know old friends better! See you guys at the next con!

PS. In our Blog section on our page we'll soon post our adventures with Cassib, Ellenor and Joey at the Zoo and when they came down to Corpus to Visit!
Hey guys, back from Mizuumi-con and we feel great!...Because well, we ran into some car trouble along the way! 

Missy and Ian we're able to leave earlier for the con than Dayved and Sydney.

We took many picturs of all the booths and festivities! Everyone danced and sang in the courtyard so joyously! It was wonderful!

Ian was...MANdoka, a manly version of Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And we proceeded to take wonderful pictures of him flexing next to all the pretty Madoka cosplayers we could find! Hah! They're so pleasant to look at!

Missy got some great photos of her Haruhi Suzumiya bunny suit cosplay (remake) with PRO Photography. Those'll be posted the moment we receive them!

Meanwhile, Sydney and Dayved were trying their darndist to make it to the con with some other friends in the back seat but sadly, they got a blown tire!

Some rather burly men came along to rescue the team. It was a tough job! We learned that Dayved's van is much different than ordinary vans! Even the large men were confused on it. But in the end they made it out alive, and...Drove to the convention on a donut tire!

Dig Ital Outburst was hosting all the festivities including the cosplay show! Ian took pictures while Missy waited for the rest of the team to arrive from their unpleasant detour. We were so happy they arrived safely! 

We all finished up the night with an awesome homestuck photoshoot and Karaoke! Gotta love the karaoke!

Hope you all had fun! I know it was a ride for us!
First Con of the year was the wonderful GATO con! not to mention snagging the first update on our freshly overhauled website!

Gatocon was very much fun! Everyone is always so friendly and kind to us and it just feels like one super huge family!

We got our own table. So thanks to everyone who bought something or picked up our card or just plain looked at our stuff! Your support is very much appreciated! So many raffle winners walked away with so much table swag! manga, dvds wall scrolls!  

Dig Ital Outburst was there, creating the entertainment and running the cosplay show. 
They appointed a few judges from various groups that specialize in cosplay art and we were one of them! Some tough competitors were in it. But I believe we picked the right candidates to win their prizes :)! 

The Vegeta (DBZ) cosplayer stole my heart with his scouter made out of a Listerine bottle and the way he ripped off his armor on stage and screamed to the heavens, sigh...*melt*. So I picked him to receive our cosPOPproductions judge's award.

After the masquerade show, everyone hung out, chilled and ate some warm food as they got all prettied up for the rave later that night. What a nice ending to a wonderful con day!