I can't speak for everyone but I can say that we all had a BLAST! Get it? Because the blasts of color?? Haha! 

We all met up around 7:30 at the Pre-race party and jumped in line to be released at 9:00 for the 5k!

As we waited in the gates we all danced and sang to the songs playing! The MC was really fun and motivating! Made us scream and shout and REALLY get pumped for the run to come!

We took off and ran through all the people throwing color at us! First blue, then pink, then green, then yellow, then the finish line! 
Sadly though, they didn't have their water stations set up until about half way through the run! :v

I believe we all did our best. I am very proud of all of my friends and myself for doing their best to improve and have fun most of all! 

I had an extra color packet and started playing with it a bit, there was a little girl who wanted to play too so we put some color powder on her and she thanked us to cutely! I gave the rest of the packet to her! She was so sweet!

After cooling down they had a stage and music playing along with dance offs and merch throws!  We went in and danced with everyone and at last there was a color throw! 

Run or Dye was so much fun we've all decided to do it again together the next time they're in town!
07/13/2014 8:09am

The run or dye sounds like a blast, you should give the zombie run a go.


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